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Safe Work Method Statement

Comply with Safe Work Australia Policies and Procedures with BlueSafe Solutions' Safe Work Method Statements

If you're looking for a super wide range of Safe Work Method Statements in Australia you've come to the right place. Being one of Australia's most comprehensive online resources to get ready made, pre-filled task and machinery specific SWMS, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for right here.

What is a Safe Work Method Statement? you may ask. It’s a document that identifies the health and safety hazards around your workplace and puts in place procedures to remove or reduce the impact they may have. That’s great, you may say, but I have no idea how to write a Safe Work Method Statement.

That’s where BlueSafe solutions can help. We’ll provide your business with Safe Work Method Statement examples and samples to help with your work health and safety compliance needs. Each of our templates are highly comprehensive and most of the hard work is done for you. Simply add your logo, company details and a few specifics about your job, and you're ready to go...

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Get instant access to our online library now where you'll be able to have access to hundreds of affordable SWMSs, Safety Tools and a whole lot more. Simply fill out the form below, and you'll be finding what you need in no time.

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It's now been 7 years since we ventured out and started helping small business owners by providing effective WHS, Employee Management and Productivity Tools. Since then we have grown to a network of business owners and professionals of over 40 personnel.

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