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Safe Work Method Statement Template

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SWMS Template

Chances are that if you’ve landed on this page, you’re either trying to get on site somewhere or you haven’t the time, patience or the first clue about how to write a Safe Work Method Statement, so try purchasing a high quality, comprehensive and pre-filled safe work method statement template. Depending on what state you are in will depend on the name of the document, for example if you’re in VIC, then the main term used is JSA’s or Job Safety Analysis, however in NSW or SA or QLD it’s commonly referred to as a SWMS. Essentially the function of the document is the same, which is to conduct a risk assessment and to control the risks through risk management. 

If you’re a tradie, you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated at all the paperwork that gets forced into your business by the legislated government departments. While it’s been known to help create a safer workplace for many it also at the same time created a burden on business owners or management to be able to create a productive workplace at the same time. It’s a known fact that the legislative requirements have also put cost burdens and restraints on your business in general. We’ve got a solution to help with that – A high quality SWMS Template.


Safe Work Method Statement Template Documents

Every Safe Work Method Statement Template we provide is actually high quality. This means it’s pre-filled, and very comprehensive. Most of the work is actually done for you, all you’ll have to do is go through the document and tweak it here and there to suit your specific job site, then make sure everyone involved with the safety and management of the site is clued up on what’s in the document.

Every template also has legislative references, as well as before and after risk ratings. There’s a button below where you can download a SWMS Example, to give you an idea of the comprehensiveness of the documents.

Whether you're searching for Safe Work Method Statement QLD or Safe Work Method Statement NSW or Safe Work Method Statement WorkCover we can provide the right documents for the right job or state jurisdiction.

Phone Orders Call 1300 877 609

While we have a large selection on the website we have a much larger library that is on hand which we are currently updating to be uploaded online, so if you’d like to quickly pick up the phone and call 1300 877 609 we can usually have your SWMS order placed and fulfilled over the phone and on it’s way to you quicker than you can order it online.

What format is a BlueSafe Australia Safe Work Method Statement Template delivered in?

Because every SWMS needs to be edited to suit on-site specifics, it makes sense to deliver our Safe Work Method Statements in Microsoft Word Format for easy editing.

How many pages long is each Safe Work Method Statement Template?

It depends entirely on the nature of the risks associated with the SWMS Template, however on average the documents are between 7-15 pages in length. Each Safe Work Method Statement is comprehensive in nature and is easy to use.

What are before and after risk ratings?

Before and after risk ratings are simply this: When you initially start to do a job, like say drill a hole in a wall, there will be a level of risk, which for this example let's just say is a level 2 (before). The idea is that then you would implement some type of control measure to reduce the risk, and in this case we would implement the control measure of wearing safety glasses to protect the eyes. This now would bring the risk of an injury down to a level 1 (after). Here you can see how the SWMS has a before and after risk rating for each step of a job, task or process.

Why do the Safe Work Method Statement Templates have before and after risk ratings?

Before and after risk ratings are a simple and effective way to clearly show how, and how much a certain level of risk has been brought down for a certain step in a job task or process. Another reason also is that many larger contractors now like to see before and after risk ratings, so it makes sense to include them in our Templates.

Are the SWMS Templates pre-filled?

Absolutely. Every Safe Work Method Statement Template is pre-filled, high quality and comprehensive in order to help save you as much time, and deliver as much quality information as possible when conducting your own on site safety.

Do the Safe Work Method Statement Templates come with a Risk Assessment?

Yes. Each Safe Work Method Statement comes with it's own built in Risk Assessment which is part of the working document. The SWMS is straightforward, easy to use and has a risk calculator to work out the risk level and likelihood of the risk occurring.

Does each SWMS Template have the required PPE already suggested?

Yes, each SWMS Template has a range of PPE recorded, as well as picture icons of different PPE items that you can add/remove as you need to for the requirements of the job task.

What Should be Included in a Safe Work Method Statement?

If you're going to be doing any high risk construction work, you'll most likely not only need a Safe Work Method Statement, but you'll also need to make sure your SWMS has a number of checks and balances in order for the document to be accepted in your construction site safety. Purchasing a safe work method statement template can help save you quite a lot of time rather than starting from scratch. Also, just remember that even though every BlueSafe Template is highly comprehensive and pre-filled, your SWMS Template should be adjusted to suit any noticeable risks that are specific to the task you are performing.

Your Safe Work Method Statement must:

  1. List or show the different types of construction work that is high risk

  2. Clearly explain the workplace health and safety hazards as well as the risks that arise from the works

  3. Explain in detail how each risk will be managed, maintained and controlled

  4. Explain how each control measure will be implemented in order to reduce each risk

  5. Describe how each control measure will be monitored an how often the control measures will be reviewed

  6. Consider any additional factors that may impact the level of risk involved with the safety of the construction site such as weather, wind etc

  7. Be made available and accessible to read by employees and applicable personnel at any time.

  8. Every SWMS should be easy to understand and written in plain language

Every BlueSafe Australia Safe Work Method Statement Template is straightforward and easy to use. They also have what's called 'before and after risk ratings', which basically means there's a built in risk assessment that is used in the process of using the document. This allows you to asses the initial risks and give them a score, and then assess the risk and give an 'after score' once the listed control measures are implemented. All our documents are comprehensive, pre-filled and easy to use. You can even download a sample below and see an example. 

Here’s an expanded checklist of items to make sure your Safe Work Method Statement contains some important information

A Safe Work Method Statement Template is designed to save you the time of creating your SWMS from scratch, however it should then be customised to suit your specific construction or site safety specifics. Below are some points to help you increase the quality of your own documents. Some important details a SWMS should include are:

  • A safe work method statement should include your company ABN, address and contact details. The SWMS should also contain the name of the principle contractor as well as the address of where the work is being done.

  • Every document must also include the preparation date of the document as well as the date that is was provided to the principle contractor, as well as a review date.

  • Don’t forget to make sure that the SWMS identifies high risk construction work, and set out a step by step process of all work activities on the particular job or task being done while describing how each activity will be done.

  • Make sure that the Safe Work Method Statement has been developed in consultation with all staff and contractors and don’t forget to include the names of the nominated Health and Safety Representatives while also including the dates and times of consultations.

  • Ensure the SWMS includes risk control measures in accordance with andy Australian Standards, Legislation or Codes of Practice and the include any references in the Applicable References section of document.

  • Identify and note any other personnel, trades and machinery that may impact the area of work and identify any other hazard or risk that may be caused by any of the steps listed on the safe work method statement.

  • Document and list a risk assessment with any specific safety controls for each hazard or risk while describing all permits, machinery and hazardous chemicals that may be used. Be sure to include any pre-start checks and tool box talk meeting records in the document.

  • Be Sure to include any emergency procedures, responsible persons, special licensing and certificates that may impact the construction site safety. Be sure to include any training or log book records that may be required for any of the work being carried out (i.e Forklift Log Book hours etc)

You can purchase or create a Safe Work Method Statement Template to use on each different job site and then adjust it to make sure that it addresses the specific risk associated with the particular job at hand. A template can save you a lot of hours in developing the SWMS, however it should never be used without making the appropriate adjustments and consultations with staff before being implemented as part of the WHS Site Safety Management Plan.


Want to see a BlueSafe Solutions SWMS Sample? Click Download Below.

Please Note - Some files may not display correctly if viewed from a mobile device. All files are provided in Microsoft Word Format for easy editing. 

Free Consultation on How to Improve Your Profits & Bring World Peace!

Ok we went too far with World Peace! We'll stick with profits.

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We will never send your email address to any 3rd party or send you any spam!

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