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Safe Work Method Statements

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Safe Work Method Statement

Just about every task done in the workplace has a risk that comes with it. You’ll find we’ve got a comprehensive library of safe work method statements for pretty much any of your requirements across a wide range of industry sectors and categories. Find the Safe Work Method Statement you need right here. All our SWMS are referenced to WHS Legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards and can be easily tailored to meet your project or task. All our SWMS are pre-filled and very comprehensive in nature, which basically means THEY’RE NOT BLANK! We’ll help you save countless man-hours, and all still under budget!

Our Safe Work Method Statements are:

All our Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are high in quality and are referenced to WHS Legislation, Codes of Practice, Regulations and AS/NZS standards.

  1. Our (SWMS) are great time-savers, pre-filled, and ready for immediate use.

  2. High quality, relevant, comprehensive statements and up to 15 pages in length.

  3. Delivered in easy to use “Microsoft Word” format.

  4. Simple easy to use instructions.

Need a High Quality Safe Work Method Statement? Listen to What Our Clients Are Saying...

- Before you start see what our past clients are saying...

We purchased a Safe Work Method Statement from BlueSafe Australia's Site and we were so happy with the quality we decided to place a bulk SWMS order. The quality was very high and the time we saved was enormous. The value your team has added, along with the fast service is 5 stars which is hard to find these days.

John McCarthy - National Operations Manager - Ausmart International - NSCA Member


We had purchased Safe Work Method Statements from other providers previously, however we weren’t completely satisfied with the quality of the documents provided. Once we had seen one of BlueSafe Australia’s documents however, we were happy with the quality. We’ve found BlueSafe Australia’s SWMS to be high quality, straight to the point and easy to use. Thanks again.

Sean Kerlin - Manager - Beehive Vinyl Products - Australian Lining Company Pty Ltd


I was required to submit WHS forms for a festival in Canberra we wanted to participate in. On seeing their requirements, I felt like I had hit a brick wall and wasn’t going to be able to participate. One phone call to BlueSafe Australia and all my fears were alleviated. BlueSafe arranged an excellent WHS package for us in no time. Not only were we accepted to the Canberra festival, but we have used our WHS documentation for every event since. BlueSafe made a very daunting task, so easy, thanks guys we really appreciate it.

Christine Gardinger - Founder - Wild Hoodz Australia

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which work method statement were you looking for?

No, we don't do SWMS' for Astronauts, but the video below is worth the watch - Press Play Now!

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Here's a Valuable Safe Work Method Statement Checklist:

Here's a valuable checklist you can use to weigh up the quality of your current Safe Work Method Statement collection. Typically, a high quality Safe Work Method Statement should have all the qualities of the questions below in one form or another.

This list of questions should help you determine how effective your current Safe Work Method Statement in use is. If you're reading this, chances are that you are looking to find a high quality Safe Work Method Statement, in which you can find plenty of what you need right here. When looking at your current SWMS, the questions to consider are:

  1. Does your SWMS include the organisation's name, ABN, address and contact person details?

  2. Does your Safe Work Method Statement include the name of the Principal Contractor and the address where the work will be carried out?

  3. Does your SWMS includes the date the Safe Work Method Statement was prepared and provided to the Principal Contractor, and the review date?

  4. Does your SWMS identify the work that is high risk construction work?

  5. Does your Safe Work Method Statement set out a logical step-by-step process of all work activities to be undertaken applicable to the specific project and work location?

  6. Does your SWMS describe how each activity will be carried out?

  7. Has your Safe Work Method Statement been developed in consultation with workers and nominated Health and Ssafety Representative's (names and positions) and dates of the consultation provided?

  8. Does your Safe Work Method Statement incorporate controls that conform to relevant standards, codes of practice and legislation and the Project Risk Register? (Is the legislation codes and standards referenced?)

  9. Does your SWMS consider other trades, plant, equipment and the public in the vicinity where the activities are to be undertaken?

  10. Does your Safe Work Method Statement identify health and safety hazards that may arise through each step or tasks associated with the work?

  11. Does your SWMS clearly document a risk assessment and the specific controls for each hazard identified in accordance with hierarchy of control?

  12. Does youur Safe Work Method Statement describe all permits, plant, equipment, hazardous substances or dangerous goods that will be used?

  13. Does your SWMS identify any pre-start and in-process certifications, authorisations, permits and meetings?

  14. Has responsibility for implementing, monitoring and compliance with the Safe Work Method Statement been allocated?

  15. Does your Safe Work Method Statement provide for emergency procedures including rescue requirements?

  16. Does your Safe Work Method Statement identify specific licensing, trade certificates, qualifications and competencies required for workers for specific tasks?

  17. Does your SWMS specify supervision, training or trialling required to enable the work to be done safely?

  18. Does your Safe Work Method Statement describe how and when the SWMS will be monitored and reviewed in consultation with work groups during the project duration?.

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