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Preparing a Risk Management Plan

The continual ongoing process of identifying risks and hazards, assessing those hazards and risks and then setting up a systematic approach to develop strategies to manage those risks is known as having a risk management approach. One tool that can easily be used as part of your risk management is by developing a risk management plan

Most risk management plans have a component that also assesses the impact that any risk or hazard has on your business practices. This is called a business impact analysis, which is also an important part of your business continuity plan. By understanding potential hazards and/or risks your business faces, and then finding ways to minimise the impact of this risks will help with a quick recovery should an incident ever occur within your business.

Risks can vary in types from business to business and industry to industry, however preparing a risk management plan involves common processes and a common sense approach. Your risk management plan basically should outline the strategy you will be implementing in order to deal with the risks, hazards and incidents your company is likely to face.

With every Risk Management Plan (sometimes known as a Safety Management Plan) it is important to allocate time and resources for preparing a well put together risk management plan and business impact analysis. One of the quickest ways to get a head start is by purchasing a Risk Management Plan Template, and then adjusting it to suit your particular circumstances. By customising the Risk Management Plan Template to your specific company circumstances, you'll be better equipped at meeting your legal obligations as an employer for providing a safe workplace by reducing the likelihood of any negative incidents that could impact your business.

Risk Management Plan Template

This Risk Management Plan Template is comprehensive and is available for both Project Management and Workplace Health and Safety purposes.

A comprehensive pre-filled 10 page document that is set out in a way that makes it a simple, workable process to adjust it to suit your particular assignment. The purpose of the Management Plan is to provide a formal documented systematic approach to the identification, assessment and implementation of controls to eliminate or reduce hazards or risks for the particular project or work site.

The purchase of your Risk Management Plan Template also comes with an additional 20+ page Work Health and Safety Management Plan with checklists of possible risks and safety areas to be managed for your project and is a great time saver for the manager or business owner who is responsible for, or looking to get on-site.

Together the Risk Management Plan and the Health and Safety Management Plan contains a risk matrix as well as covering areas such as:

  • Risk Level Ratings
  • Injury to Personnel
  • Damage to Property
  • Financial Impacts
  • Occupational Impact and Downtime
  • Company Image and Reputation Impact
  • Risk Reporting and Responsibilities of Key Personnel
  • Specific Risks and Hazards Relating to the Project
  • Escalation Procedures
  • Risks and Control Measures including Hierarchy of Controls
  • Checklist of Hazards and Risks (Checkbox Choices)
  • Primary & Emergency Contacts
  • Project Information
  • References to Legislation
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Emergency Procedures and Incidents
  • Site Procedures & Amenities
  • Site Security & Signage
  • Policies and Procedures for: PPE, Electrical, Incidents, Manual Handling etc)
  • Use of Vehicles
  • SWMS Required
  • Plant & Equipment Register
  • Risk Register
  • Asbestos Identification & Management
  • Environmental Impact & Management

Your purchase also includes customisations with your company details and company logo added throughout the documents and is fully editable in Microsoft Word.


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3) BlueSafe’s After Sales Support is Free and available to help you set up your Risk Management Plan and implement within your business by calling 1300 877 609.

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