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You can't play baseball like you try to win Government Tenders

1 Jul 2014 5:34 PM -

When was the last time you watched a baseball game? Well, we don’t have Foxtel, so it hasn’t been lately that we’ve bothered to watch a baseball game at all, actually I’m not even interested in baseball (and probably neither are you) but that’s not the point. The point is, that I’ve never seen a baseball pitcher throwing curveballs to a baseball batter who’s wearing a blindfold. But you know what - we’ve come across so many small business owners trying to hit home runs on the field of business, while wearing blindfolds…..literally.

By now you’re wondering what on earth I’m on about. We had one person contact us who’s been going for Government Tenders and Larger Contracts over and over, and not getting anywhere. The formula to winning Government Tenders isn’t found in how many tenders you can apply for and have a hit and hope approach. From a golfing perspective, where would Tiger Woods be today if he just swung and hoped he hit the ball each time he teed up? Yet, in business, for some reason we take the same approach time after time. The approach in having a better swing would have the same principle behind it in applying for Government Tenders and Larger Contracts, one would think.

When it comes to winning Government Tenders and Large Contracts remember this: If you want to win, play differently than everyone else. That’s it. You can close the page now (no don’t, I’m kidding). We’ve got a few perspectives that you may not have considered yet that can really help you if you want to start winning some larger contracts, or Local Council and Government Tenders. Actually, just winning one Government Tender could take your business to a whole new level. Wouldn’t it be worth investing a little bit in order to gain a lot? Here’s a few tips that could help:

Basically, winning Government Tenders and Contracts is based on a points scoring system, so it’s a scientific process – not luck. They (Government Contract Holders) have a list of checks and balances that account to give them an insight for an ideal “partnership fit” so to speak. For example, most people apply over and over for Tenders and Contracts but don’t really get anywhere, and then some do score the contract but they really don’t even know why they were chosen. It's time you know what’s going on in the thinking process behind the scenes, so that you have a much higher chance at getting the contract if you know what they (Government Contract Holders) are looking for, and then provide it to them in the way they want it delivered.

It’s a bit like people playing a soccer game where Person A doesn’t know the rules or how to score, and Person B does, so Person B scores much more often. It’s pretty much that simple (in concept).

Most people start with price and try and win on that part of the tender by making that their main feature, however they don’t realise that if a Contractor has evidence of a Quality Process but is slightly higher in price, this ensures a higher certainty of consistency and deliverability, and would be a saving to Government/Contract Holders long term because it would be more costly for Government/Contract Holders to have a negative working relationship with a company and have to go to all the trouble of finding another provider. It’s for this reason they place such high points (usually 25% of overall points and sometimes higher) for simply having a recognised quality management system in place and evidence of that system.

Combine this with a good WHS (Workplace Health and Safety System) in which they will add more points for this, and you are now starting to get a weighting of 35-40% of the scoring process which puts you way in front if you have high quality, comprehensive documentation readily available (It gives them an insight into your business and helps them gain confidence in your ability to be a good fit for their organisation).

Is this making sense now? WHS documentation is also a high priority in this equation, as accidents don’t look good on paper and are quite costly to have, so they are looking for security in these areas. Most people overlook the “reasons why” they are asked for these in a tender application, and little do they know, is that these are probably two of the most weightiest matters that the Government/Contract Holders want to have covered.

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