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Wait! We Ordered a Pound of Hash But We Were Given Magic Mushrooms Instead

24 Jun 2014 5:28 PM -

No, we’re not smoking hash here at the office but you’d swear some of the people you’ve come across in day to day business at times are? Since we’ve been talking about Quality Assurance and ISO 9001 lately, and how they relate to winning Government Tenders and Large Contracts, we thought rather than change the subject we'd expand a little bit on the mechanics of Quality Assurance and ISO Standards (for those of you who are interested).

What a strange way to start a conversation on Quality Assurance. Well, yes, and no. One of our associates sent in the picture below a little while ago, and while we all laugh, that’s pretty much what happens in a small and large way every day. The size of the impact of a quality process (or lack of) just depends which industry you’re in and whether you’re dealing with burgers or earthmoving equipment.

You know, there’s this little coffee shop close to home. We used to go there for breakfast with friends and family every Saturday, or Sunday morning. We like to make a ritual of getting out and having breakfast together once a week. There’s this little place that just makes the most amazing coffee….actually their coffee is out of this world. Yet without fail, whenever we ordered breakfast there we’d always get something either forgotten on the order, or the delivery of the breakfast came out different than what we ordered. This isn’t a big deal really, except that we started to really notice that every time we went there it was the same story, over and over….but, the coffee, it was so good… kept us coming back. We’d laugh and joke about it to make light of it but then after closer observation, they were quite often under-staffed and the staff that were there were quite often stressed and rarely smiled. But – the coffee was so good.

Then, it happened…..we were walking past another place in a similar area one morning and decided to give them a try. We sat down and the waitress didn’t even have a notepad….I was secretly (based on our past experience) expecting the same thing to happen as our previous breakfast spot. Well far out….they were quicker than we expected and they got all the order right, and the waitress didn’t even have a notepad…..and she smiled! We went back there again the next week....same thing, great quality service. While it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal. You know why? We’ve been going there ever since, and we’ve been taking other people there ever since as well. The coffee isn’t quite as good but so what, the experience is much better. How many times is this happening in someone’s business every day? Don’t get me wrong, some customers you just don’t want plain and simple, and you can’t be all things to everyone. But if the main feedback from your quality process is negative, wouldn’t it serve you and your customers to improve the quality of output through your business? The other thing to consider is that the impact of this was quite small, being only a new place to have breakfast - but what if this breakfast scenario was happening and playing out right now with one of your biggest clients? What then?

If there’s one thing we’ve seen lately, it’s that people in general, and not only Government Tender and Contract Holders are way more concerned about getting a quality output at a slightly higher price than a cheaper service at lower quality. Not to mention, If you’re even thinking of going for the larger contracts and wanting to win Government Tenders you need to get a quality management system in place - preferably one that is internationally recognised like ISO 9001:2008. If you can’t afford to get a traditional consultant in to write up all your procedures and quality statements to help get a quality assurance system implemented within your business, there are other options. We have a saying here – ASK! If you’ve got any questions in general, and would like some tips even, we’ve got a good team who can help – Ask for help, don’t just sit there! Drop us a line, we’d be glad to hear from you and help in any way we can.


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