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Two reasons that will make you want to get a Safety Management System

15 Jul 2014 5:10 PM -

Ok so look - you’ve heard over and over all the scare tactics and the consequences of not having an effective safety management system in place. To be quite honest, it’s everywhere – small safety companies are even jumping on the bandwagon and telling people “If you don’t have your safety procedures and safe work method statements in place you can be at risk of getting a big fine etc” – and while this may be true, it’s not the complete story, and neither should it even be the whole and sole reason why someone should consider getting a safety management system in place.

There are a few obvious reasons why safety management systems are a good thing to have implemented, which we’ll briefly touch on below, but there are some other benefits which you may not have even though of that might just motivate you to want to get a safety management system in place quicker than you expected.

So, some obvious reasons to implement a Safety Management System into your workplace are:

1.       To help keep your workers safe.

2.       To help you comply with Safety Legislation.

3.       To avoid being fined for negligence.

4.       To meet your legal obligations as an employer.

While those 4 obvious reasons are very important, at face value they are hardly motivating to the majority of individuals, unless of course you are absolutely passionate about creating a safety culture in your workplace. Well, hopefully two reasons we’re about to expand on below will help you get passionate about creating a safety culture in your workplace and implementing an effective safety management system. The first (but not obvious) reason you should have a Safety Management System in place is that:

Implementing a Safety Management System that works can actually grow your business and help take your company to new heights.

If you’re going to win any Australian Tenders, or Australian Government Tenders you’re going to need a real good Safety Management System in place. SA Tenders, NSW Tenders, QLD Tenders and any other Australian Government Tenders will require you to have a safety management system implemented, as well as providing evidence of that system.

There are plenty of solutions on how to go about getting a good Safety Management System (SMS) in place without having to spend your company’s life savings on getting it done. Having said this, some Safety Management System Templates could save you a lot of time, however many of these are not industry specific Safety Management Systems, and will require quite a chunk of your time. If you’re going to buy a ready-made Safety Management System, make sure that it is industry specific, and make sure the company you are buying it from will do your main customisations as part of your package price.

Paying that little bit extra will save you a lot of time, and if you’re applying for a government tender, you’ll need that safety management system customised as much as possible so you can put your time into more important things – Like winning the Tender!

The second (but not obvious) reason you should be implementing a Safety Management System is:

It will help you to think about how to systemise other areas of your business.
Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you one of the main frustrations they have in their business is a lack of time. Believe it or not the business is running them, meanwhile they should be the ones running the business. Having a Safety Management System in place will teach a business owner or manager how to implement systems in other areas of the business. If you can learn to systemise one part of the business, then the other areas can then be systemised with a similar approach. If you can manage to put systems in place, then the business can be expanded many times larger than it currently is, without putting more time constraints and pressures on the company director or management team.

So, there you have just two small reasons that you may want to get a safety management system in place sooner rather than later. Sure, there are plenty of other matters and some much more weighty reasons that you should be getting your system in place sooner rather than later, but these were just two which we thought you may like to know about. We’ll add some new reasons and benefits in our next post coming up real soon. Until then, keep safe and keep growing.

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