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Roofing Contractors Premium SWMS Package

Roofing Contractors, we’ve gone out of our way to provide probably the best value you will find anywhere for a Premium range of Safe Work Method Statements like this in one package.

Here at BlueSafe Australia we decided to put our heads together and think of what we could do to help Roofing Contractors specifically. What we came up with was putting together a Roofing Contractors Premium SWMS Package that you simply wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else for the same value. We’ve provided 40 of the most comprehensive Safe Work Method Statements around.

Our SWMS are some of the highest quality you’ll find. Normally, to buy all these individually you’ll pay quite a large sum. For what we're offering here, you couldn't even do them yourself for the same rate. On top of this, they are some of the highest quality SWMS you'll find anywhere. Adding value is what we do, so take advantage of it while it's available.

Until Tuesday 5 November only the package is available at 50% off for $1495.00

The Roofing Contractors Premium SWMS Package Includes A Wide and Comprehensive Range of Safe Work Method Statements For: 

  1. Metal Roofing Work
  2. Working on Roofs
  3. Working in Roof and Ceiling Spaces
  4. Fascias Guttering and Downpipes
  5. Ladders
  6. Work At Heights
  7. Use of a Safety Harness
  8. Fall Arrest Systems
  9. Prevention of Slips Trips and Falls
  10. High Pressure Cleaner
  11. Barricading of Worksites
  12. Electrical Safety
  13. Working in Elevated Work Platforms
  14. Rubbish and Waste Disposal
  15. Painting
  16. Tile Cutter
  17. Tile Saw
  18. Power Tools
  19. Chemicals Handling and Use
  20. Chemicals Spills and Leaks
  21. Cleaning Chemicals
  22. Working in Public Areas
  23. Working in Isolation / Working Alone
  24. Working in Hot Conditions
  25. Working in Cold Conditions
  26. Work Near Overhead Powerlines
  27. Nailing Tools (Gas Powered)
  28. Hand Tools
  29. Manual Handling
  30. Jig Saw
  31. Angle Grinder
  32. Generators
  33. Gas Welding and Cutting
  34. Welding
  35. Utility Vehicles and ATV's
  36. Mitre Saw
  37. Circular Saw
  38. Truck Loading and Load Restraint
  39. Aluminium Saw
  40. Discovery of Asbestos


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Want to see a BlueSafe Solutions SWMS Sample? Click Download Below.

Please Note - Some files may not display correctly if viewed from a mobile device. All files are provided in Microsoft Word Format for easy editing. 

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