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Repco WHS Packages Group Discount

1. For the Repco group price we provide a complete WHS Package to address all the needs of each business and provide all forms, staff induction manuals and safe work procedures for the workshop (Package Includes an Induction Manual, WHS Diary and 24 Safe Work Method Statements) Procedures are custom chosen specific to each Repco Service Centre.

2. As stated above - Every package would be customised to that specific workplace including specific procedures, company details and company logo's placed throughout the documents.

3. Each package is specific to the state legislation where the Repco Service Centre is operating. e.g WA, VIC, NSW, QLD etc.

4. Every Repco Service Centre that purchases a package will have complete free phone support and email support after purchase.

5. The rate for Repco Service Centres is $1295 + GST (Reduced from $3390).

7. Below is an example of what the package would typically include:


How To Order

1) Press “Add to Cart” and complete your order.

2) You'll Receive an email from our WHS Development Team requesting a few particulars. We will then contact each Repco Service Centre and begin creating the required package for the specific Repco Service Centres. Within 7-10 business days the package will be ready, and steps to organise and implement the system with ease into the Repco Service Centre's will be arranged.

3) BlueSafe’s After Sales Support is Free and available by calling 1300 877 609.

Price: $ 1,424.50
Includes Gst

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It's now been 7 years since we ventured out and started helping small business owners by providing effective WHS, Employee Management and Productivity Tools. Since then we have grown to a network of business owners and professionals of over 40 personnel.

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