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What We Are, Our Mission and Our Guiding Principles

So What Are We? Well, quite simply put we’re a productivity solutions company with the unique ability to offer a full array of business improvement products and services to our clients throughout our market area. We’re constantly striving to be primarily entrepreneurial in nature, as well as being nimble, innovative and energetic in creating solutions for our clients, keeping mindful of the constant challenges business owners face on a day to day basis.

Our Mission at BlueSafe Australia is to create real value – value for our clients, value for the people we serve, value for our employees, partners and colleagues and pre-eminently, value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Our Guiding Principles really just come down to this: We recognise that business is not just professional, it’s actually personal – and that to be successful we must maintain strong ties to the people we serve by fostering strong relationships and by providing 5 star service to our clients. We want to be actively engaged in important issues and to help provide creative solutions to business needs. One thing we do understand is that everything truly does flow from the top down, and if our team culture is happy, harmonious and solution oriented in our thinking, then this will ultimately translate over to our customers experience in dealing with us. We are committed to reward and recognise exceptional employee performance and we strive to be the premier employer of choice.

Above all, we strive to conduct business with integrity, decency and privacy. We will strive to treat customers, employees and even our competitors with respect and appreciation and we will demonstrate by our products, policies, procedures, pricing and service that we have not forgotten and will not forget who keeps us in business.

Contact Us

BlueSafe Online Pty Ltd

ABN 45 617 812 094

ACN 617 812 094

Phone:  1300 877 609

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About Us

It's now been 7 years since we ventured out and started helping small business owners by providing effective WHS, Employee Management and Productivity Tools. Since then we have grown to a network of business owners and professionals of over 40 personnel.

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