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Managing Staff and Improving Company Culture

Keeping your company personnel in line with the company's vision and purpose can be one of the biggest challenges management face today. Gone are the days when an individual worked for the same company for 30 years. As you would already be aware, holding on to great people in your company can be an art in itself, let alone finding people who can be developed into great employees.

We've seen how businesses can either thrive with the right people, or be severely limited with the wrong people (or lack of people). We're not an employment agency, actually we're much more than that. We're a productivity solutions company. In today's business climate, it can be quite a challenge to gain the interest of good talent in the marketplace, especially when you're competing for the same talent with hundreds of other prospective employers.

Just look at the trades industry in Australia. With mining as good as it has been for the economy, it has also left plenty of other challenges for small business operators who have tried time and again to hold on to trade qualified employees. With mining contracts offering the lure of big pay-packets to tradespeople, no wonder small business owners struggled to attract or keep good trade qualified workers, not being able to compete with the wage offerings of the mining opportunities.

Although you may not be able to compete directy with this type of dilemma, there sure are some other things you can do to build stronger bridges with the talent that you already have, keeping employee retention as strong as possible. The second thing you can do is become smarter and much more effective at competing for the talent that is available, while keeping costs as low as possible. If you're looking for some tools in this area then talk to us, as we've got a vast array of tools that can help in this area.

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It's now been 7 years since we ventured out and started helping small business owners by providing effective WHS, Employee Management and Productivity Tools. Since then we have grown to a network of business owners and professionals of over 40 personnel.

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