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Business Mentoring and Coaching Programs

With a broad expertise from every industry including manufacturing, retail, professional and trade services, food and hospitality, building, IT and visual communications, we’ve found one thing in common.  If you remember anything at all from this page, make sure you remember this: People Don’t Plan to Fail, They Just Fail to Plan.

Mention the word business coaching and you can get a whole range of ideas of what it could possibly mean. But what is it exactly? If you’re at a stage in your business where you are getting off the ground, have hit a plateau or you’re in some severe trouble that needs attention immediately or even  just want to fast track and expand - Whatever the case, our partnership network has the tools to help move you forward. With over 20 years of extensive knowledge and expertise with a combined experience of over 70 years, there’s a whole range of possibilities and resources available.

"While every business is unique, business problems and challenges are universal and they have been known to repeat themselves. Nothing can replace years of accumulated experience and exposure to real world, on the ground issues. If we can’t specifically help, we know someone in our extensive network that can"

Our Business Coaching Products Include

Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes an objective view of your business is needed. It’s easy to get so stuck in the details of your day to day business habits and it's often found that other opportunities within your business that can easily be taken advantage of are literally right under your nose.

Objective advice and support is also a very valuable resource. If you’re running around like a chook with its head cut off, and feel like you’re spinning your wheels, then some corporate guidance on your internal structures and management systems can really free up your time, resources and energy which in turn enables you to grow further.

Strategic Management

Business Positioning is becoming more and more important in a rapidly changing market environment. Once upon a time you could predict your quiet months and your busy months. However, more and more we are finding business owners getting caught by surprise when the tide of business changes suddenly - Don’t let this be you. Everything from planning, policy development and implementation right through to resource allocation, personnel, marketing, compliance and strategy can collectively have a huge impact on the future of your business.


Do you have a thorough understanding and application of the leadership role within your organisation? The good news is – Everything rises and falls on your leadership. The bad news is – Everything rises and falls on your leadership. Do your people trust you? Do they go beyond the call of duty for you, or do they slacken off as soon as you leave the premises? Do they feel and know that you genuinely care about their needs and desires? Some of these are hard questions to answer, but in reality these are all determining factors of how well your business progresses. A business is only as good as it’s people, and everything flows from the top down.


Everything from funding, forecasting, reporting and statistical research can be catered for here. If you’re looking for equity finance, or maybe you’ve hit a tight season and need some debt finance? With our network partners being ASSOB Sponsors, we’ve got an artillery of weapons to help you take that next piece of land you’re after.

For those of you who don’t know, ASSOB - The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is Australia’s largest capital raising platform for high-growth, unlisted companies (over $120M raised to date). ASSOB uses many of the techniques used by stock exchange listed companies to enable unlisted companies to raise between $250K and $5M in equity capital via the ASSOB Primary Board. It is unique to Australia and is rapidly becoming known as one of the most innovative capital-raising platforms in the world. If you’re looking to fund a new business venture, or launch a new product. Talk to us about it.

Business Restructuring and Negotiations

Everything from re-engineering your business from the ground level to the entry and exit of members and stakeholder agreements can be handled with some experience people on your team. Sometimes it’s a great idea to have some outside input with an objective view before making important decisions that can affect the entire course of your business.

An old proverb reads “There is wisdom in the multitude of counsellors”. Think of how many problems could have been avoided in life if someone had some proper perspective before making a rash decision. Everything is available from negotiations, joint ventures, commercial conflict resolutions and more.

Systems Compliance

Looking to gain a large government contract? Applying for a new tender? Most of the time you will find that a either a requirement, or strong favourability goes to anyone with Accredited Quality Assurance Systems in place when it comes to winning a government tender. We can help with the initial design, creation and all the way through to implementation and accreditation of your Quality Assurance System.

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It's now been 7 years since we ventured out and started helping small business owners by providing effective WHS, Employee Management and Productivity Tools. Since then we have grown to a network of business owners and professionals of over 40 personnel.

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